My solo exhibition, Rise, at Sargent's Daughters in NYC is up and open for viewing through September 15th

Elisa Lendvay
Opening Thursday, August 8th - September 15th
Sargent’s Daughters is pleased to present Rise, an exhibition of new sculpture by Elisa Lendvay.  This will be the artist’s debut solo show with the gallery. 
Lendvay’s arrangements appear simultaneously fragile and strong, suggesting ancient shapes while employing modern refuse.  Fronds, ribs and webs weave into sight.  They may be permanent, but they may transform.  As in nature, forms are fluid.
Lendvay’s objects are writ in water; a ripple might vanish in an instant, a bone turns back to bottlecap.  They question the most direct way to approach a problem: could it be through Calvino’s “indirect vision”, allowing us to see the terrifying reality at a distance?  The objects, hopeful, protect us, free us, even as they tether us to earth.  We long to occupy their lightness. 
systems of forms, inventories, arrangements


 indirect vision

an image cast in a mirror

Mirror as portal, Mayans

 inner and outer space

 Cycles cycling

things found



 Lightness and


(Anchoring, roots)

Standing, reaching, staying afloat


floating drifting

Buds blossom into change
Elisa Lendvay (b. Dallas, TX 1975) lives and works in Poughkeepsie, NY.  Her work is currently on view at The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY and has been exhibited at Underdonk, Brooklyn, NY; Giampetiero Gallery, New Haven, CT; Klaus von Nichtssagend, New York, NY and Sardine Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.  She received an MFA in Sculpture from The Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts, Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY, in 2006.


June 12 - July 31, 2019
Online Exclusive Exhibition in collaboration with Artsy
Jason McCoy Gallery is pleased to present WHITE NIGHTS – MIDNIGHT SUN, an exclusive online exhibition in collaboration with Artsy that celebrates the weeks around the summer solstice in June, where in some areas of high latitude sunsets are late, sunrises are early, and darkness is never complete.
Overlapping with the so-called WHITE NIGHTS festival in St. Petersburg Russia, the exhibition focuses on the use of white as a decisive compositional device in an eclectic group of paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints. The featured works range from a crisp, black-and-white geometric abstraction by Leon Polk Smith to the highly saturated and digitally manipulated photographs of Annelies Strba.
For example, a small drawing by Bryan Osburn ponders a white crescent shape as it is swallowed up by layers of flesh-colored grays; known for her unusual combinations of materials, Elisa Lendvay fuses a sun-bleached bone with umbrella wires to turn it into a faux-ritualistic object; using white line on a deep blue ground, Luisa Rabbia provides the image of an immigrant with iconic stature; a warbler captured in all its characteristic details seems to be flying into the void or infinite possibilities in Kevin King; though made of horse hair, a delicate sculpture by Christiane Löhr is rooted in geometric principles, evoking both architecture and nature; using discs, Keiko Narahashi’s ceramic sculptures ponder the contrast of black and white and become symbolic of states of the lunar and solar cycle; in his latest works, Balint Zsako exclusively employs a black line and the white of the paper as means to create compositions with poetic implications; drawing inspiration from nature and poetry, Yvonne Estrada’s drawings succeed in combining a sense of intimacy that is akin to personal note-taking with a distinct structural clarity.
Pablo Picasso, Nu assis entouré d'esquisses de bêtes et d'hommes, pl. 10, from Le Chef-d Œuvre Inconnu, 1927, Etching on Van Gelder paper, 7 1/2 x 10 4/5 inches, 19 x 27.5 cm.
Meanwhile, mythology is addressed through a print by Picasso from 1927, which depicts a seated nude surrounded by sketches of beasts and men. It is part of a set of etchings that were inspired by the book The Unknown Masterpiece by Honoré Balzac. Inspired by literature as well, a limited-edition artist book by David Hockney illustrates fourteen poems by C.P. Cavafy that were chosen by the artist and celebrate homosexual love. In Glückskinder, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra continues her ongoing exploration of themes of violence, persecution, and sexual abjection. Published as a limited-edition artist book that also includes a text by Felicitas Hoppe, Glückskinder draws on female identity, religion, superstition, myth, as well as both human and beast-like creatures.
The exhibition features works by Yvonne Estrada, David Hockney, Donald Judd, Frederick Kiesler, Kevin King, Christiane Löhr, Keiko Narahashi, Elisa Lendvay, Bryan Osburn, Pablo Picasso, Luisa Rabbia, Leon Polk Smith, Annelies Strba, Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, Tamara Zahaykevich, and Balint Zsako.

Earthy Delights at Re institute

*** Earthly Delights ***
curated by Julie Torres, Ellen Letcher, Susan Jennings
The Re institute
Millerton, NY
July 20th- August 24th
opening Saturday July 20th 4-7pm, followed by potluck

"The works in Earthly Delights will be installed directly on the gallery floor— without supports, pedestals, or work on the walls— to create an intimate and tantalizing installation without the hierarchy of placement. By exhibiting artwork on a level playing field, the curators hope to enable a grounding experience of attentive and active looking."

Adrian Meraz, Alan Weiner, Alexander Ross, Becca Van K, Carl D’Alvia, Carole Kunstadt, Christina Tenaglia, Claire Sherwood, Claudia Tienan, Colin O'Con, Courtney Puckett, Courtney Tramposh, Dan Devine, Daniella Dooling, Diane Dwyer, Elisa Lendvay, Elisa Soliven, George Spencer, Gelah Penn, Gretchen Carlson, Guy Walker, Huma Bhabha, Jeff Starr, Joan Grubin, Jonah and Lu Lu, Judy Pfaff, Katharine Umsted, Katie Schimert, Katinka Mann, KK Kozik, Laura Kaufman, Leah Guadagnoli, Linda Stillman, Madison LaVallee, Mary Chatham, Matt Frieburghaus, Meg Lipke, Michelle Segre, Millicent Young, Miss Expanding Universe, Nami Assir, Nancy Shaver, Nicole Cherubini, Nika Kanamoto, Nurya Chana, Peter Dudek, Polly Apfelbaum, Stuart Farmery, Stephen Maine, Susan Meyer, Susan Scott, Tamara Zahaykevich, Terri Moore, Will Hutnick, Will Simons

A work of mine is included in the 2019 White Columns Benefit Auction Exhibition. Please join in supporting this wonderful place.


ON VIEW MAY 18 - 29

AUCTION: WEDNESDAY / MAY 29 / 2019 / 6:30PM

Elisa Lendvay. Shuffle (Lil Yellow). 2018. Aluminum, paper clay, bottle caps, acrylic paint and medium, marble dust
3 x 6 x 4 inches
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